Flanigan For Liberty
Smaller Government, Fewer Taxes,  A Freer Arkansas!!!

Putting Arkansans back in charge of Our government! 

Politicians should be the voice of the people, not push their own agenda. Government is not about how I want it, but how YOU want it!!!

Smaller Government, Fewer Taxes, A Freer Arkansas!!!

You shouldn't have to pay

Rent on the property you own

You shouldn't pay rent for your truck, family car, motorcycle, or other currently taxable property either! I want to abolish Property tax, real estate, timber, and income tax as well! All essential items, food, fuel, clothing, and utilities shouldn't be taxed either. Small business owners pay taxes on their store inventory, and truckers are paying tax on fuel, trucks, trailers and even tires, that they need to bring us food and essentials!  When I hear that Arkansas will have a $1b surplus ( yes, the one with 9 zeros!) this year, all I hear is how we were over taxed by $1,000,000,000!!! Everyone else is talking about lowering taxes, I am talking about lowering spending and eliminating taxes!!

Smaller Government, Fewer Taxes, A Freer Arkansas!!!

The 2nd Amendment is the

One thing that has kept America sovereign

Shall Not Be Infringed is pretty clear to us common folk, but it seems as If DC needs a reminder the WE the People are in charge and We want our rights restored. Many of our Founding Fathers said that the militia is the whole People, meaning We are the ones responsible for the Security of Our Free State! I pledge to do everything in my power to secure the natural rights of All Arkansans!

Smaller Government, Fewer Taxes, A Freer Arkansas!!!

Medical Liberty is a right too!

Many things shouldn't be left to the government to decide for us.

Medical decisions such as vaccines, surgical procedures, medication used to fight maladies and yes, abortion, are all things the government has no business dictating. Medical decisions are to be made between a doctor and patient, not in a government building or a courtroom. Personally, I do not believe in abortion, but my opinion is exactly that, and should not dictate what others around me do, and are ultimately responsible for. 

Smaller Government, Fewer Taxes, A Freer Arkansas!!!

How can the state of

Arkansas profit from the legal sale of 

Marijuana, while thousands of people sit in prison today because of a weed charge? Millions of Americans benefit from the medical use of marijuana, a plant that helps with, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and many other maladies. Most of those millions don't have or want a medical card for various reasons. Several other states have shown a large increase in revenue for the state, fewer related crimes, and a smaller prison population. Why can't we treat this plant as we do all-natural remedies? I support the decriminalization of marijuana for adult recreational as well as medicinal use. Enough of this "good for me, but not for thee" policy!! On the  flip side, hemp products are a sustainable way to help the environment while maintaining the same conveniences we are used to. Here is a link to an article that talks a lot about the things hemp can be used for: 5 Ways Hemp Can Save The Planet

Smaller Government, Fewer Taxes, A Freer Arkansas!!!

Our own Arkansas National Guard

Has been sent overseas many times,

in undeclared wars. As a former Non-Commissioned Officer in the AR ARNG, I understand the need and want to use the skills we were taught to help people. However, sending our young men and women into combat is not a decision that should be made to bolster a governor's political standing or gain favors from the federal government.  In 2008, the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team deployed with far lower numbers than were reported to the National Guard Bureau! While that stands in testament to the training we received and the will we had to complete our mission, it was also a very dangerous gamble that I would never take with the lives of our young men and women! I want to introduce legislation in Little Rock that prohibits the governor of our fair state from sending our Guardsmen on deployments without a declaration of war from Congress and a majority vote from the state legislature.