Flanigan For Liberty
Hello, My Name Is:

Edward Martin Flanigan III

I'm a Missouri transplant born in 1985, and moved here at the ripe old age of 6, 

After living with my father in various states across the country. I moved to Star City in December of 1992, where my mother homeschooled me and taught me the value of a hard day's work. I held various jobs as a young teen, an oil and tire tech by day, a dishwasher by night.  Later I would work as a waiter and body shop technician, an HVAC Technician, a very short stint as a Correctional officer, a GM Certified Service Technician, a stint in Oklahoma's oilfields, and served in the Arkansas Army National Guard starting in 2006, and 6 years as a DOD employee on Camp Robinson.

I deployed to the Middle East twice, the first time in 2008 with the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, as a gunner/driver on convoy escorts for the US military's fuel. The second time in 2016 with the 77th Combat Aviation Brigade in support of Operation New Dawn, responsible for the majority of support rotorcraft in theater in 2016-17, where I was in charge of vehicle recovery and foreman of the maintenance shop for the 777th Aviation Support Battalion.

In 2019, my wife Sonia reminded me that I had promised to buy her a house, and she had found the perfect place in Edgemont, Arkansas. August of 2019, we moved to our new home in Edgemont, less than 2 miles from Prim, Arkansas. We live here with our 4 boys, Cameron 15, Kolby 11, Liam 10, and Brennan 8.  Cameron and Liam stay with us half of the time and with their mom Kerry, in Southeast Arkansas half of the time, and we have found out that it is possible to co-parent our children long distance! We homeschool, in part because of the shared custody of two of our boys, and in part because of Covid. 

I have always been Libertarian-leaning, having read Ron Paul's books, The Revolution and End The Fed, Matt Kibbe's, Don't Hurt People and Don't take their stuff, A Libertarian Manifesto, as well as many of the writings by our Founding Fathers.

I firmly believe the only way we can get our country back on track, is by using our state legislatures to inform DC that they exist solely at the will of the states, and through our state legislatures, we the the People allow it to continue. Far too long have we suffered from decisions made in DC that affect our everyday lives in ways that are very hard to recover from, or make no sense for everyday Americans. Laws upon laws, regulations & redundancies everywhere, with little regard for the Rights given to us by not the government, but our Creator. Pretty sure that overrules ANY law or rule in place today! 

Smaller Government, Fewer Taxes, A Freer Arkansas!!!

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I want to be EVERYONE's representative, not just my party, or the majority!

Smaller Government, Fewer Taxes, A Freer Arkansas!!!